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We are an Independent Investor, Developer and Consultant in the international renewable energy sector.


We strongly support social and environmental responsibility in business, providing services aiming to contribute to a circular economy.


Experience, Quality, Reliability and Integrity are our main attributes.


about us

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’. – Albert Einstein

For the last 21 years, our team has been key to successfully originate, develop, offtake, construct, finance and commercially operate more than 2,000 MW of Solar and Wind energy assets throughout Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and North America.

the right thing,
the right moment

«Luck Is Preparation Meeting Opportunity.» – Oprah Winfrey

We are witnessing an energy revolution that will transform our future for better. The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of renewable energy generation has never been as low as today.

To have a chance of meeting the goals of the Paris climate agreement, the world must scale up renewable energy. 

Market growth is assured with renewables being on their way to becoming the ‘new mainstream energy source’.

Renewables overtook coal in 2015 as the world’s largest source of installed power capacity.

This position is supported by:

                  ✓   Renewable Energy representing an increasing part of total world power capacity.

                 ✓   Growth driven by a strong reduction in CAPEX and OPEX and a remarkable increase in efficiency due to                                                            technological progress.
                 ✓    Developers and investors alike looking to recycle capital, opening up substantial growth in the secondary                                                        market.
                 ✓    Renewable energy projects continuing to attract institutional investors due to attractive, and crucially, stable                                                   yields.  

what we do

‘Quality means doing it right when no one is looking’. – Henry Ford


Our quality makes the difference.Years of success say so.


DEVELOPMENT Imagenera can be subcontracted to originate and develop prime energy projects around the world,  which at the end of the day will generate predictable and stable cash flows. Our team has a long-term approach to investments, seeking shareholder value through cherry picking the best projects in the market. Co-development is one of the formulas that Imagenera has successfully worked with in the past.


CONSULTINGThanks to its team’s privileged background, Imagenera has a strong understanding of the energy markets and can add value in different phases of your project, including greenfield or brownfield in diverse geographies. Management, origination, permitting, offtake/PPA, EPC, O&M, M&A, financing or asset management, are just some of the consulting services that Imagenera can provide your company with.


‘Reliability is the condition for trust’. – Wolfgang Schäube

Imagenera looks for partners willing to start or grow their business and deliver remarkable results. As partner, Imagenera can provide you with comprehensive experience in the renewable energy field as well as proven managerial capabilities. In addition, Imagenera has a wide network that encompasses solid investors and the best services providers in the business, and can help you reaching strategic partnership agreements with them in virtually anywhere in the world.

countries of expertise 

regions of business:

                                             AMERICAS                                           EUROPE                                             AFRICA                                                      APAC


                                                               • Canada                                               • Spain                                               • Morocco                                                  • Australia

                                                                • USA                                                    • Portugal                                          • Angola                                                     • New Zealand

                                                                • Mexico                                               • Ireland                                             • Namibia                                                   • China

                                                                • Dominican Republic                         France                                              Botswana                                                 Philippines

                                               • Panama                                              United Kingdom                            • South Africa


                                               • Peru 


                                                                • Chile 


                                                                • Argentina 


                                                                • Brazil                       


                ‘The supreme quality for leadership is integrity’. – Dwight D. Einsenhower


Imagenera is led by Gustavo Jurado, an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the international renewable energy business. Previously to founding Imagenera, he held managerial positions in Iberdrola, Capital Energy and Inveravante. He has been a key contributor in these companies’ organic and inorganic growth, and has enjoyed working in more than 15 countries with some of the most talented professionals in the world. His track record covers more than 2,000 MW of solar and wind assets currently under operation.



Imagenera Inversiones, S.L.

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